Statistical Brief on the Earnings of the Working Class Released October 5, 2021

This statistical brief compares the wage and salary incomes of high school and college graduates for 1996 and 2014 using cohort analysis. Download Brief

Most Recent Median Household Income Release February 2, 2017

This report contains our latest estimates of household income for December 2021 as well as our time series, the Sentier Household Income Index covering January 2000 to December 2021. Download Report

Median Income Time Series Spreadsheet

Also available is a spreadsheet containing a monthly time series for our median household income estimates and Sentier Household Income Index (HHI) tracking monthly median household income for all households from January 2000 to December 2021. You may purchase this excel spreadsheet and accompanying charts showing the HII and selected measures of unemployment below. Price $25.00

Annual Earnings for Highest and Lowest Paid Occupations for 2014 Release April 11, 2021

This statistical brief summarizes annual earnings for the 25 highest and lowest paying occupations for 2014. Download Brief

Annual Earnings and Demographic Composition for 440 Occupations

A spreadsheet containing estimates of annual earnings and demographic composition for 440 detailed occupation groups. You may purchase this excel spreadsheet below. Price $25.00

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